Hi! We are JiS Team

Dedicated our life to find e weak spot in every softwares and apps to help the developers made a stronger security in their next updates. In this website we share our works to you.

We introduce KeygenBay, the master of all key generators, you have to download it first, and install it to your computers/device, find the apps or software that you willing to pass through for and let our keygen works for you. In the KeygenBay dashboard you will find hundreds (or maybe thousands) softwares, games, and apps from old to new version, so you better looking the software using the search button. We have test all of it by our self (of course we did!) and its all working good.

Still, we share the software keygen for a test run and users experience only. If you feels that the apps or software is fit with your needs and very useful for you. BUY THEM DUDE!! it will help the software developers to create better software in the future.

Anyway, the KeygenBay is updates regularly, so you better stay close with us, and you can view the change log in our sidebar, and download the updates if you need it.

Hv a nice day!!

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